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What Do Our Services Include?

We bring the equipment, place it, and hook it up. We also operate all of the equipment during the show. We take care of everything. All we need is electricity.

If in the beginning of your event, you need background music, we can play it for you. If you want a live performance show, there's no problem there either.

When you give the word to start the show, Karaoke begins. Your audience can choose their favorite song(s) on the request sheet(s), and get their turn(s) at singing to the music while being able to rely upon the words on the monitor. Sometimes, crowds can be a little shy; therefore, we are happy to sing in the very beginning of the show, and for as long as necessary until the crowd gets up the "nerve" to sing for their friends. When the crowd gets into it, we back off from singing and only host the show, helping to manage the rotation of singers, and helping singers when necessary.

If you have a special announcement or special moment at the party or event just let us know and the mics. all yours.

After your event is over, we will break down the equipment, and pack it up. That normally takes just a short time. In other words, we are usually the first to arrive, and the last to leave.


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