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* Please Do *

Be courteous to all singers. Show them your support.

Take care of the songbooks. They can be expensive!

Sing in a strong clear voice.

Pick one song at a time.  ( Sing one-Bring one )

Challenge yourself. Try some new songs!

Be patient while waiting your turn to sing!

Be a lively audience member and applaud generously!

Loosen up and let the music move you--HAVE FUN!

Put the pencils and song slips back into the pocket in the front of each songbook.

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* Please Don't *

Worry if you are not a great singer. The whole idea is to have fun!

Pick songs you are not familiar with.

Sing on the stage with the singer unless you are invited by the singer to do so!

Sign-up unwilling singers without their consent!

Swing the microphones by their cords or damage the equipment it is expensive!

Smoke or drink on the stage while singing.

Tap or scream into the microphones!

Keep asking the Hostess when your turn is to sing!

Sign up to sing using different names! Doing this will end your chances of singing at all!

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