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I would like to thank all the people who took the time to stop by and evaluate the Fun Tyme Entertainment website and found it worthy of their awards.

Thank You!

Sandra Gerbers

Fun Tyme Entertainment
"Karaoke At Its Best"
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Images displayed in the awards won area, not directly associated with the Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program, are copyrighted by each of the respective programs and should not be reproduced or displayed without their written permission.

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All of the awards won by Fun Tyme Entertainment are treated with the respect they deserve, no matter if they come from rated and/or non-rated programs. It takes a great amount of a person's time to run an awards program and to evaluate the many sites that apply for their awards. The feedback these programs give us, along with their awards, help us better our sites. This all takes a considerable amount of their time that they could be spending elsewhere. I want to personally tell you all how much your hard work and dedication is appreciated by this site.

Sandra Gerbers
Fun Tyme Entertainment

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Dot By Sandy

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